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Meet the Pastor of NFTC

Pastor A. H. Floyd was born on July 31, 1962 in Bay City, Texas.  He grew to manhood in the Cedar Lake community and attended public school in Van Vleck, Texas.  Upon graduation from Van Vleck High School in 1980 he attended the University of Texas at Austin where he graduated on August 15, 1983 with a B. A. degree in Psychology.  He subsequently earned his Master of Systematic Theology through the distance education program of Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla, Georgia in 1998.


Rev. Floyd was baptized in the Bethlehem Christian Church in Cedar Lake, Texas at the age of six years old by Rev. Lloyd Brown.  He was active in the Sunday School, Junior Choir, and mid-week services throughout his formative years.  During high school Pastor Floyd began teaching a Sunday School class at the age of 15.  He continued this assignment until he left home for college.  During college at the University of Texas at Austin Rev. Floyd maintained watch-care membership with Ebenezer Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. M. O. Griffin.  At Ebenezer Rev. Floyd was a leader within the Youth Ministry group.  In this assignment he conducted weekly Bible study and assisted with the overall program of youth activities.  


Upon graduation from the University of Texas at Austin Rev. Floyd returned to Cedar Lake.  He began building his work career and he also married Wanda Doris Woodard on August 29, 1985.  God blessed their union with three children: Darren, Natasha, and Andrea.  


Back home in Cedar Lake Rev. Floyd also resumed active membership with the Bethlehem Christian Church.  He faithfully participated in Senior Choir, Sunday School, and mid-week services.  He was also asked to teach an Adult Sunday School class which he readily agreed to do.  Later, he was elected as the Assistant Superintendent of the Sunday School.  In this position he formulated and conducted annual Vacation Bible School in addition to assisting with the overall Sunday School ministry.  As a result of his faithful service and sincere lifestyle Rev. Floyd was ordained as a deacon of Bethlehem Christian Church in 1986.  He faithfully served in this capacity until God called him into the Gospel Ministry in 1990.  Rev. Floyd announced his calling on Father’s Day in 1990 and preached his first sermon at the Bethlehem Christian Church on Sunday, July 22, 1990.


On September 18, 1993 Rev. Floyd was elected as pastor of First Sacred Memorial Christian Church in Bay City, Texas.  God tremendously blessed First Scared Memorial Christian Church under his leadership.  The church financial position became stronger than ever and the membership grew rapidly.  Towards the end of 1997 

Rev. Floyd sensed God’s leading in a new direction.  

On April 26, 1998 Rev. A. H. Floyd and Mrs. Wanda Doris Floyd organized New Fellowship Tabernacle Church.  Since then, God has graciously set New Fellowship Tabernacle Church in a position of special blessing within the community.  The membership surpassed 200 within eight years of existence and the congregation experiences continuing growth overall.  


Life dealt Pastor Floyd a devastating blow however as God called First Lady Wanda Floyd home on July 15, 2015.  First Lady Wanda Floyd’s testimony lingers forever as she encourages everyone to finish strong.  


After the homegoing of First Lady Wanda Floyd, Pastor Floyd retired from Shintech, Inc. in Freeport, Texas on March 31, 2016 with 28½ years of service having served most recently as Production Superintendent.


Reflecting upon his experience in the homegoing of First Lady Wanda Floyd Pastor Floyd wrote his first book, I’m Hurting But I’m Healing, which was released in 2017.  I’m Hurting But I’m Healing is a testimony to Pastor Floyd’s personal healing journey and offers help to others who may also be experiencing the loss of a loved one.


In 2018 Pastor Floyd’s second book, All People Are Red, was released.  All People Are Red encourages the reader to discover the commonness of human life.  In essence Pastor Floyd expresses in this book that all persons are made of one blood regardless of race, nationality, color, or culture.  And the hope is that all people can live in mutual respect of one another.


By God’s gentle guidance of His Spirit Pastor Floyd was given peace to remarry in 2018.  And on May 12, 2018 Pastor Floyd married Joyce Lunford Baker of Richwood, Texas.  First Lady Joyce Floyd immediately became a strong supporter within all of Pastor Floyd’s life and a fervent participant within the ministry of the New Fellowship Tabernacle Church.


Pastor A. H. Floyd continues to press forward in God’s service as God’s Spirit gives him liberty.

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