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New Fellowship Tabernacle Church congregation - Bay City, Texas, an independently chartered nonprofit corporation, was organized on April 26, 1998 by Rev. Andrew H. Floyd and his wife, Mrs. Wanda D. Floyd, in their home. The inaugural worship service was held on May 03, 1998 at the Best Western-Matagorda Inn in Bay City, Texas. There were 36 persons present in addition to Pastor Floyd, his wife First Lady Wanda, and their three children, Darren, Natasha, and Andrea. Each person present pledged their membership to New Fellowship Tabernacle Church. The congregation continued to meet at the Best Western hotel throughout May 1998. While meeting at the Best Western Hotel, a lease agreement was secured with Lack Properties. Whereupon, the congregation began to worship at 3307 Avenue F beginning in June 1998.


Upon inception New Fellowship Tabernacle Church began with two deacons who declared membership and were accepted into the office of deacon for the congregation. These men were Deacon Sidney Mack and Deacon Alex Stone, Jr. Moreover, the following trustees were accepted by the congregation:

      Pastor A. H. Floyd - Chairman

      Deac. Sidney Mack - Vice-Chairman

      Sis. Wanda Floyd - Executive Secretary

      Sis. Barbara Baugh - Financial Secretary

      Bro. Odis Stone  - Treasurer

      Deac. Alex Stone, Jr. - Trustee

A Sunday School Department was organized with the following staff:

      Sis. Erma Johnican - Superintendent

      Bro. Odis Stone - Teacher

      Bro. Ronald Brown  - Teacher

      Sis. Candace Brown - Teacher

      Sis. Priscilla Robinson - Teacher

Also, a Youth Ministry was initiated with Sis. Candace Brown as Youth Director and Sis. Annette Smith as Assistant Youth Director. Music Ministry began with Sis. Yolanda James as Director of Music Ministry and Bro. Andre Wyatt as percussionist.

A Greeter’s Committee was organized with the following ushers:

       Sis. Emma Mack

       Sis. Dorothy Williams

       Sis. Dorothy Parks

       Sis. Natasha Floyd

       Bro. David Burrell

       Bro. Darren Floyd

Sis. Doris Robinson accepted responsibility as Culinary Coordinator.     


These individuals faithfully served the cause of Christ and contributed immensely to the growth and development of the congregation.  


1998 proved to be a blessed time for the fledgling congregation.  On September 20, 1998 Pastor A. H. Floyd ordained the following men as deacons:          

        Bro. Odis Stone

        Bro. Ronald Brown

        Bro. Dorsey Stone


In November 1998 God blessed us with beautiful property at 600 Matthews Street. The congregation purchased 1.81 acres (12 lots) at this location. Truly, we celebrate God for this tremendous blessing.


During the year of 1999 the Lord blessed the congregation with another deacon. On June 27, 1999 Pastor A. H. Floyd and the congregation received Bro. Alvin Emanuel as deacon of New Fellowship Tabernacle Church. Sis. Margaret Emanuel, his wife, joined the Greeter’s Committee serving as an usher.


On January 18, 2000 construction began on the Fellowship Hall with the intention that it would also temporarily serve as the sanctuary for New Fellowship Tabernacle Church on the church property located at 600 Matthews Street in Bay City, Texas. Mr. Herman Austin served as the general contractor for construction. The building was ready for use by the end of July. The congregation moved in on July 31, 2000 and terminated the lease with Lack Properties. At this time the floor covering was not complete; but it did not dampen the members’ joy of having a place of our own. The initial worship in the new temporary sanctuary was held on August 06, 2000. The Fellowship Hall (temporary sanctuary) dedication was held on August 13, 2000 with Pastor A. H. Floyd as the speaker. Carpet and tile were installed in December 2000. Truly, we celebrate God for His tremendous blessing. The greatest blessing of all was that the construction was completed without incurring any lien against any church property. Everything was financed by faith!


In 2001 God continued to bless the congregation greatly. The Fellowship Hall cornerstone was purchased and laid. The Cornerstone Dedication was held on April 01, 2001 with Pastor A. H. Floyd as speaker. Also, a baptistery/communion table was purchased by the church. A piano was donated by Bro. and Sis. P. D. Tolbert on April 29, 2001. Tabernacle Hour targeted ministry began in August 2001. Tabernacle Hour allows ministry/discipleship opportunity in sub-groups (Men, Women, and Youth) within the congregation. Vacation Bible School became an integral part of the annual program with high attendance. An annual youth trip began to be offered each summer. Also, in early Fall of 2001 a concrete parking lot was laid for the Fellowship Hall and paid in full.


Subsequent years have brought continuing membership growth and ministry expansion. In 2002 a “Widow’s Basket” ministry was begun which provides each widow of the congregation with a monthly grocery gift. The baskets are provided as an expression of our love and gratitude for their faithful support of NFTC over the years. A scholarship fund was also begun in 2002 which provides each high school graduating senior that is an active member of NFTC with a four-year annual scholarship for expenses associated with his/her college education.  


In August 2003, Bro. Hallard Fields was ordained as deacon. In November 2003, Bro. LaJuan Law began serving as a musician within the Music Department along with Sis. Yolanda James. He served faithfully until June 2005.  


In 2004 a Benevolent Committee was established with Sis. Kennetha Fields as Coordinator. The Benevolent Committee provides relief to members during times of personal crisis. Also, during 2004 the membership surpassed 200 members.  


In 2006 God gave Pastor A. H. Floyd the vision for our sanctuary. Pastor Floyd expressed to the congregation the vision that the Lord had given to him and the members received the news with great joy. Under God’s guidance the congregation decided to build a house for God. Sanctuary financing was provided by Prosperity Bank in Bay City, Texas for the full construction amount of $414,050. Sanctuary construction activity began on July 09, 2007 with Allison Contractors as general contractor. Crecy Management of Brazoria, Texas served as construction consultant for the construction.  Construction was completed in February 2008. Worship services began to be held in the sanctuary on March 02, 2008.  Sanctuary dedication was held on April 06, 2008 with Rev. K. W. Bree of the Bethlehem Christian Church of Cedar Lake, Texas as guest speaker.  


On October 12, 2008 God blessed NFTC with a new deacon as Bro. John Calvin Stone was ordained.


Yolanda James served faithfully as musician until November 2009. In December 2009 Minister Lynn Hughes began serving as music minister. He served faithfully until June 2011.


During 2010 God blessed the congregation once again in the deacon ministry. On April 11, 2010 Bro. John O’neal, Sr., Bro. Kevin Ragland, and Bro. Kelvin Wright were ordained.


In July 2011, Sis. Yolanda Roberson began a second term of service as musician. She served until September 2012.  


On October 01, 2012 God redirected the music ministry as Bro. LaJuan Law began serving as the primary musician. He served faithfully until August 2013.


In July 2013 God enhanced the NFTC Music Ministry with the formation of NFTC Praise 21. NFTC Praise 21, a group of dynamic young singers for the Lord, served as praise leaders during NFTC worship services sharing their anointed gift which inspired so many across the community. At the inception of NFTC Praise 21 each member of the group was a high school student. Original members of NFTC Praise 21 were Kimbrie Smith, Brittany Ikhalia, Roykeyia Holmes, and Dylesia Jackson. God later expanded the membership to include Shatajia Hawkins and Kayla Smith. NFTC Praise 21 served faithfully until September 2014.


In September 2013 God once again blessed the NFTC Music Ministry in a mighty way with the formation of NFTC Praise 34. NFTC Praise 34 was a dynamic group of young adult singers who served as praise leaders during NFTC worship services. Their powerful anointing impacted lives for God’s glory tremendously. Members of NFTC Praise 34 were E’Braylone Allen, Tayia Revis, PhaBlunn Allen, Marcus Brown, and Andrea Floyd. NFTC Praise 34 served faithfully until September 2014.


God blessed the NFTC deacon ministry once again on April 14, 2013 as Bro. Arkeith L. Brown, Sr. and Bro. Tommy Lee Jammer were ordained as deacon.


On May 04, 2014 Sis. Darlene Bonner began serving as Worship Leader. She served faithfully until July 26, 2015.


God blessed the NFTC Music Ministry with Bro. Darius Alexander as Minister of Music on September 7, 2014. Bro. Alexander served faithfully until August 4, 2015.


Also during the year of 2014 God blessed the congregation again in the deacon ministry on November 2, 2014 as Bro. Terry Blackmon was ordained as deacon.


Another milestone in the life of NFTC also occurred during November 2014 as  NFTC instituted the Ministry Leadership Team operational strategy. The Leadership Team operational strategy seeks to promote a more comprehensive practical functioning for the various ministry functions within the congregation. The Leadership Team began with the following ministry leaders:

Pastoral Ministry - Pastor A. H. Floyd

Deacon/Deaconess Ministry - Deacon Kevin Ragland/Valerie Ragland

Finance Ministry - Deacon Dorsey Stone/Barbara Baugh/Jennifer Martin

Education Ministry - Deacon Dorsey Stone/Deacon Hallard Fields

Music Ministry - Darius Alexander/Darlene Bonner

Media Ministry - Shanetra Baugh/Kimmery Johnson/Brittney Armstrong

Men’s Ministry - Deacons Kelvin Wright/Arkeith Brown/Terry Blackmon

Women’s Ministry - Sherrie Wright/Vivian Brown/Talma O’neal

Youth Ministry - Annette Smith/Vivian Brown/Tayia Revis/Mary Stone

Hospitality Ministry - Margaret Emanuel/Tayia Revis

Evangelism Ministry - Deacon Tommy Jammer/Ernestine Jammer

We thank God for the continuing success of each ministry of the New Fellowship Tabernacle Church.

The year of 2015 was indeed a monumental year in the life of the New Fellowship Tabernacle Church family as our sanctuary mortgage was paid in full. In 2014 First Lady Wanda D. Floyd suggested that she and Pastor A. H. Floyd would pay off the sanctuary mortgage allowing the congregation the opportunity to repay them directly and eliminating the bank obligation. After prayerful consideration Pastor A. H. Floyd agreed and on March 18, 2015 the sanctuary mortgage balance of $285,000 was paid in full. As of that moment all NFTC properties were free and clear of any financial obligation. What a mighty God we serve! We praise God continually for the great things He has done!


The year of 2015 also saw the return of Sis. Yolanda Roberson as musician, beginning on September 6, 2015.  She served faithfully until August 28, 2020.


2015 was also a somber year in the life of the New Fellowship Tabernacle Church family as God called First Lady Wanda D. Floyd home from labor to reward on July 15, 2015. Subsequently, the sanctuary classroom was dedicated in her honor on May 1, 2016 to forever be known as Ms. Wanda’s Room. As we celebrated her life and work, we pledged ourselves to persist in dedicated labor for our Lord as long as He so allows. 


Under the guidance of our heavenly Father the celebration of the sanctuary mortgage burning was included in the NFTC 20-year anniversary celebration on May 6, 2018. Thank God for His goodness! 


The year of 2018 was also a year of redirection in the life of the New Fellowship Tabernacle Church as God gave Pastor Floyd peace to remarry. On May 12, 2018 Pastor Floyd married Joyce Lunford Baker of Richwood, Texas. First Lady Joyce Floyd immediately became a strong supporter and participant in the life of the New Fellowship Tabernacle Church.   


In the year of 2019 God declared that the theme of New Fellowship Tabernacle Church is “Increase”! As we considered His revelation we pressed into the year with renewed excitement. During this year God added two new deacons to the family of NFTC. On September 29, 2019 Ordination Rites were celebrated for David Burrell II and Shawn Fields.


In early 2020 the COVID-19 Pandemic which had begun elsewhere in the world struck us here in Bay City, Texas.  COVID-19 is a respiratory virus initially discovered in the world in late 2019 hence the name COVID-19. COVID-19 has potentially fatal consequences and at that time in early 2020 (January-March) it was spreading rapidly across the entire world. Medical researchers frantically raced to discover an antibiotic vaccine. In an attempt to contain the spread of the virus and save lives during the research for a vaccine government officials issued a mandatory stay home order. Only those individuals with jobs considered essential such as individuals working in the medical profession were allowed to leave home. When the stay home order was issued locally in mid-March 2020 public worship was literally placed on pause as congregations were not allowed to gather. During that time on March 22, 2020 Pastor Floyd and First Lady Joyce Floyd began conducting In-Person Worship alone. NFTC members were encouraged to participate in NFTC virtual worship on Facebook live. This limited In-Person worship continued at NFTC until the end of September 2020. After the lifting of the stay home mandate NFTC began public In-Person worship on October 4, 2020 for anyone desiring to attend. A virtual worship opportunity also continued at this time giving opportunity for those at home to join the celebration.  Because of the effect of the Pandemic a number of practices were instituted to promote safety and security of every person attending any NFTC worship experience or other event. Practices instituted included individual temperature check prior to entry, individual sanitize hands prior to entry, seating according to household, seating with defined spacing between individuals who are not members of the same household, seating with every other row left empty, online giving, wearing face covering, sanitizing entire building after each worship or other event, individually sealed communion packet, and worship time limit of 1½ hours. A number of these practices continue to this day in that they were found to effectively and clearly promote the safety and security of each person attending any worship or other event at New Fellowship Tabernacle Church - Bay City, Texas.


In addition to the 1½ hours worship time limit the Pandemic also produced a significant change in our worship style.  Beginning on Sunday March 22, 2020 when Pastor Floyd and First Lady Joyce Floyd began conducting In-Person worship alone they began singing acappella. The acappella singing continued after public In-Person worship resumed on October 4, 2020. As such the acappella experience has become a defining characteristic of NFTC worship and will remain our preference as long as the Lord says so. We trust that God will lead and guide us into the exact path that he intends for us to travel as New Fellowship Tabernacle Church family. Interestingly, there is no congregational rehearsal conducted before In-Person worship. The congregation simply joins in singing as Pastor Floyd and First Lady Joyce Floyd lead the praise. We thank God that at NFTC acappella singing rises as glorious harmony because committed voices join together in splendid praise to our God.


In addition to beginning acappella singing during the Pandemic we also began issuing a monthly newsletter entitled “New Direction”. The “New Direction” newsletter allowed for continuing communication with members of NFTC concerning the status and plans of the congregation. This communication proved especially valuable during the season when we were not allowed to gather for public worship. “New Direction” newsletter continued to be issued monthly until December 2022 when it was deemed unnecessary due to the fact that we were firmly back into gathering for In-Person worship.     

Also, after In-Person worship resumed on October 4, 2020 a monthly fellowship was begun. The monthly fellowship is a time of dining together as a church family which is usually held immediately after morning worship. The meals are always wonderfully delicious and the total time shared together is ecstatically enjoyable. The fellowship usually includes group entertainment or game.


In February 2021 we experienced a devastating freeze within our community. During the freeze we experienced severe damage to our Fellowship Hall due to pipes bursting during the freeze. During the repair of the Fellowship Hall the congregation also decided to perform some renovations to the structure at that time. George Remodeling of Brazoria, Texas was selected as general contractor for this work. A special drive was held where each member was asked to give $500 to help finance this work. We thank God for each person who gave generously to help with this work. The Fellowship Hall repair and remodeling work was completed on June 11, 2021. And the Fellowship Hall rededication was celebrated on August 1, 2021. The total cost for all work was $67,085. This would not, however, be the end of work on the Fellowship Hall in 2021.


On November 3, 2021 a wet spot was noticed in the ceiling of a storage room within the Fellowship Hall. Upon investigation a leak was discovered in the roof and repair was scheduled to be done. We were grateful that the roof had lasted such a long time since it had never been replaced since the building was built in 2000. Repair was scheduled and the roof replacement was completed on November 22, 2021 at a cost of $13,750 by Southeast Roofing of Sweeny, Texas.


In early 2022 it was determined that the roof needed to be replaced on our Sanctuary. Southeast Roofing of Sweeny, Texas was selected for this work and the roof replacement was completed on February 12, 2022. Total cost of replacement was $34,820. Pastor Floyd loaned the church $24,000 to add to $10,820 from the church to pay for this work. The church committed to repay Pastor Floyd $2000 monthly until loan is paid in full.


During the Pandemic and continuing even now God has sustained the life of the New Fellowship Tabernacle Church by the unwavering support of those who tithe to New Fellowship Tabernacle Church. In fact, our financial position improved amazingly during the Pandemic as God delivered us from struggling with a trending negative balance in March of 2020 to maintaining a consistent positive balance since May 2020. We thank God as we celebrate the continuing positive balance until now in March 2023. We thank God for each faithful tither to NFTC. And we prayerfully seek others to join with us.


Another item of note is that the Pandemic has also profoundly affected In-Person worship attendance at the New Fellowship Tabernacle Church. Since excitedly resuming public In-Person worship on October 4, 2020 NFTC morning worship average attendance hovers around 25 persons weekly whereas average weekly worship attendance before the Pandemic was usually around 70 persons. In spite of this significant drop in average weekly worship attendance we are grateful for those who continue to faithfully support NFTC In-Person worship. And we prayerfully seek for others to join with us.


So, from March 2020 and continuing until now March of 2023 New Fellowship Tabernacle Church has been in transition. The transition was spurred by a devastating Pandemic but now New Fellowship Tabernacle Church is emerging as a new creation of our Heavenly Father. In many ways we don’t look like we used to but by God’s unfailing grace we are still pressing forward in the cause of Christ. We are greatly excited with what God is doing in this season.     


As we consider our history, we are deeply grateful for God’s continuing blessings upon New Fellowship Tabernacle Church across these many years. As we travel on our journey God has called some among us from labor to reward. We are truly grateful for their tireless, faithful service that has contributed tremendously to the life of New Fellowship Tabernacle Church and shall always remember and celebrate their abiding love and unwavering concern.  


As members of the New Fellowship Tabernacle Church family we are indeed grateful for each person that God gives to name the name New Fellowship Tabernacle Church. We stand together as one family united forever under God. In all that we have experienced we can truly testify with great joy that God is faithful to His promise. For at New fellowship Tabernacle Church God has done everything that he said He would. And we trust that He will do everything that He says He will. And because of our great God that we serve we are forever persuaded that “Together We Can - Increase!”

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